Our ethics:

Our profession, our fields of intervention as well as our past responsibilities impose strong demands on us when it comes to ethics.

    • Intégrité :

      We reserve ourselves the right to refuse clients or missions for which we would not be convinced of the conformity with international or national laws. We respect the local habits and cultures as long as they don’t jeopardize our society’s integrity and reputation.
    • Independence :

      Rempart International actively preserves its capacity for analysis and counsel of any influence and any conflict of interest. Rempart International is an office independent from large international groups, states or institutions. Rempart International is also independent from any provider of protective or computer material.
    • Confidentiality :
      The sectors on which we act impose discretion and trust. Our references are only available for consultation after agreement from the involved parties.
    • Reactivity :
      We guarantee our clients a quick response to their requests in all places and circumstances. We also guarantee that this availability remains synonym with rigor and reliability in our services and interventions.
    • Loyalty :
      We make ours the success of our clients and work to develop strong and lasting partnerships. We base these relations of trust on honesty, objectivity and delivery of real results.