Who are we ?

The Board of Directors

Rempart International leaders are specialists in safety, security, and economic intelligence. They come from the most prestigious public and private organizations. A personal involvement in each project and a total availability are at the heart of their commitment. They share strong ethics and values, tried and tested in the most challenging of international contexts.

The Advisory and Ethics Committee

Rempart International’s management has an advisory and ethics committee of complementary expertise. Its members are recognized experts in security, law and medicine and have held or hold important responsibilities in the public or private sector.

Our Teams

Rempart International works with the best talents in a wide range of expertise: close-protection operatives, computer security experts, anti-fraud specialists, geopolitics analysts… Irrespective of their area of competence, our collaborators are recruited among the most talented, upon completion of a demanding security investigation and after years of collaboration with the members of our Board.