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Rempart International helps companies and individuals secure people, property, and information. Our four areas of intervention – security, intelligence, training, and engineering – ensure complete solutions, both at the early stages and in reaction. We bring together the operational skills of people on the ground with the expertise of the best specialists in business intelligence, IT security, engineering, law, finance, logistics or medicine. Responsiveness, transparency, and confidentiality are at the heart of our commitment be it to the largest of groups or to individuals, in their daily lives as in the most sensitive situations.
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Safety and security audits | Crisis management | Expatriation services | People, property and data security | Cybersecurity
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Research, processing and validation of geo-strategic and geo-economic information | Decisional mapping of risks and vulnerabilities | Reputation check, Know Your Customer | Monitoring of intellectual property and protection of information assets | Network decoding | Reputation risk management
Cours de gestion du stress


Security management | Stress management | Self-defense for the workplace | Self-defense for public and private forces | First responders and combat life savers trainings | Tailored security training solutions
Améliorations de systèmes de sécurité existants


Customized tracking systems | Customized security systems for transport | Room sweeping | Modifications and improvements of existing security devices | Training and assistance in the use of security devices

Safety and security consulting and auditing

By working at the earliest stages of your project and by designing comprehensive solutions, Rempart International helps you accurately measure your exposure to various risks and create within your organization a culture of security with lasting results. Rempart International will also be with you in all your international development projects (material or financial investment, exports, relocations) whatever the geostrategic context and challenges of the environment.

Our expertise:

  • Assessment of private and institutional sites and infrastructure, analysis of exposure to risk and maliciousness
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Security and safety audit on all public and private projects
  • Protection of sensitive materials
  • Design of safety-security procedures
  • Security of digital and telephone communication of sensitive information
  • Strategies to prevent technology or intellectual property stealing
  • Geostrategic audits and strategies to support market development in sensitive areas
  • Activity continuation plan for crisis scenarios

Example of intervention:

In spite of multiple anti-intrusion devices, Company R. continues to be the victim of malicious attacks. Rempart International appraises the material in place and audits the company’s operation procedures. Its analysis reveals purely technical malfunctions, but also critical shortcomings in the implementation of the device at the human level. The necessary maintenance has been neglected and the safety instructions are not applied because they prove to be too stringent. Rempart International rehabilitates existing hardware and sets up a realistic and pragmatic managerial policy to ensure optimal use, aligned with the corporate culture of Company R. The results are immediate: intrusion are blocked, not only because the hardware-based security is finally functional, but also because each employee has become an active player and is involved with the site security process.


Reconnaissance de zones d'interventions

Management of external crises and operational support

Nowadays, no public or private decision-maker is immune to a crisis during one of his or her trips or during the expatriation of his/her employees, particularly in sensitive areas. Rempart International helps you anticipate these situations, reduce their effects and ultimately face them in the best possible conditions.

 Our expertise:

  • Country risk assessments (geopolitical, environmental, health-related)
  • Pre-departure programs, expatriate awareness trainings, one-to-one preparation
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation plans, ground security manager
  • 24/7 security hotline for expatriates and their management
  • Logistical support and continuation of activities

Example of intervention:

A major international company organizes the annual seminar of its top sellers in a famous resort of an emerging country. But once he arrives, the organizer is informed of the risk of a health disaster and of the enforcement of national measures which puts the event in jeopardy. As security advisor to the company, Rempart International alerts top management and advocates the immediate repatriation of all employees, taking care of all the necessary consular, medical and logistical formalities. A Security Manager from Rempart International is dispatched immediately on site and implements a coordinated plan to ensure a calm and professional supervision of the security of employees despite the deterioration of the country’s situation. The safety of employees is ensured until their arrival in France and the reputation of the group remains under control and coherent despite the emergency and panic.

protection des proches, résidences et biens privés

Protection of personalities and expatriates

Rempart International offers a range of services and recommendations for your protection, that of your close relatives and your collaborators. Making every effort to ensure the safety of your staff is a legal requirement – it is not only a best practice anymore. Rempart International allows you to make the best expatriation or business trip decisions, and thus reduce the political, natural or health risks.

Our expertise:

  • Site analysis by pre-travel (country file, risk assessment)
  • Study of secure routes and accommodation
  • Protection of the VIP’s close relatives, homes and private property
  • Surveillance / countersurveillance
  • Planning, organization and event security management (conferences, general meetings, inaugurations, fairs…)
  • Evacuation procedures

and for expatriates:

  • Risk assessment and recommendations on accommodation and transport
  • Training plans and expatriation awareness
  • Evacuation and repatriation procedures
  • Close protection of collaborators and their families

Example of intervention:

The CEO of a major group has key announcements to make at an international trade fair regarding his development strategy so to reassure investors in a troubled context. Rempart International teams are committed to ensuring the complete securing of this intervention from the agenda management, the identification of preventive and diversion route until the discrete and serene close protection during the very visit to the fair. The intervention of our team ensures optimum visibility for the company at the fair, as well as a serene business networking throughout the event.



When you know how to deliver a strategic information in a structured way, you offer your client a decisive competitive advantage. Thematic, geographical, technological or digital watch: Rempart International consultants can respond in the shortest possible time to all your questions in economic and strategic intelligence. Providing essential information for your development or protecting your reputation or that of your organization is at the heart of our mission.

Our expertise:

  • Research, processing and validation of geo-strategic and geo-economic information
  • Decisional mapping of risks and vulnerabilities
  • Know Your Customer (shareholders, potential partners, competitors, collaborators …)
  • Monitoring of intellectual property and protection of information assets
  • Network decryption
  • Reputation risk management

Example of intervention:

The head of an investment fund contacts Rempart International regarding a buyout project. Rempart International experts rapidly establish the mapping of the target company’s actors, its vulnerabilities and its operational risks. This due diligence work reveals no negative indicators and allows the operation in accordance with the interests of investors and in line with international anti-corruption laws and sanctions programs. A watch is also implemented to protect the operations of this client whose influence is based on his appetite for risk-taking and his development in emerging countries.



Our Training Department offers customized training solutions – practical classes, simulations, conferences – tailored to your needs and those of your staff. Our trainings are designed by the best experts and aim to ensure that trainees are immediately ready to work when they return to their organization.

Our expertise:

  • Self-defense: for civilians, police or military
  • Operating aid: all primary care field staffs in hostile environments
  • Stress management in crisis situations (custody, sequestration, attempted extortion or kidnapping): public and private leaders, families
  • Security manager: organization of emergency networks and local support, setting up a security department within your organization

Example of intervention:

Leader in the biotechnology sector, company M bases its development on a constant innovation policy. The intellectual property is a critical element of its corporate assets, and the use and transportation of sensitive materials is a vulnerable point of its operations. The company CEO delegates to a trusted executive the duty of overseeing the safety and security procedures of these key elements. Rempart International designs a specific training as well as an intensive and customized coaching to prepare this executive for the challenges posed by his new responsibilities.



Rempart International engineers are independent of any manufacturer or dealer, and have developed a leading expertise in the use of the most advanced equipment and technology to ensure the security of your property and your information. Their proven use in the most sensitive environments and their transformation by our teams to fit your specific needs guarantee an optimal impact and a tailored security.

Our expertise:

  • Customized tracking systems
  • Customized security systems for transport
  • Room-sweeping
  • Modifications and improvements of existing safety-security devices
  • Training and assistance in the use of safety-security devices

Example of intervention:

The leading sales team of an international group travels abroad to negotiate a contract in an environment of particularly acute economic competition. Rempart International deploys a range of materials and equipment to protect their telephone communications, email exchanges, and paper documentation. Our teams can also accompany them on their trips to mitigate the risk of listening devices, in hotel rooms and in meeting rooms.


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